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International Vocation

We live in an increasingly globalized world, and as a result, our clients demand services that involve various jurisdictions. International advisory is part of the DNA of Alarcón-Espinosa Abogados. We have extensive experience in international operations and business, so our advisory focuses on the field of international taxation, where our expertise allows us to provide added value to the client.


We have a multitude of references from law firms specialized in the most relevant areas of law in all relevant jurisdictions, with special attention to the American continent, where we have an extensive network of contacts in prestigious law firms, both in the United States and in Ibero-American countries.

International Associations

We belong to several international associations of law firms primarily dedicated to private clients. We meet regularly to address current international issues and share experiences. As an example, Alarcón-Espinosa Abogados belongs to the "International Tax Specialist Group," an independent network of law firms specialized in tax advice, with locations on five continents.

International Awards

"Pablo Alarcón has a solid reputation in the field of international tax planning. He advises high net worth clients and private companies on the tax implications of their operations in Spain and abroad."

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